Do you offer shipping?

We offer international shipping, local pickup, and local delivery. We also offer free shipping within Canada for orders over $60!

Where are you located?

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Pickup is in Alberta Avenue neighborhood in north Edmonton.

Do you have a physical store?

We do not have a physical store, we are an online thrift shop! However we do have the very occasional pop-up – If that’s something you're interested in make sure you're following us on Instagram and/or are subscribed to our newsletter. 

Can I come try on clothes?

We do not offer try-ons, however we include measurements on every item so you can confirm if it fits. Measuring isn't for everyone, so we also have a very relaxed return policy.

What’s your return policy?

We offer full refunds for all of our thrifted clothing within 30 days. For any reason! Chubby Fem Originals can be returned within 7 days if there is an issue with the product. Items must be returned to us (at your expense).

How do I make a return?

If you’d like to return something, start by sending us a quick email to let us know which items you’ll be returning. Then return the items to us either by mail or by dropping it off in the original bag or a bag labeled with your name and order number. 

Are your clothes washed?

We wash all thrifted clothing.

How do you source your clothes?

All our thrifted clothing is donated to us!

How can I donate clothing?

If you’d like to donate, shoot us an email or a DM – most people drop donations off at our home in Alberta Ave neighborhood. We can also arrange to pick up depending on where you’re located, if you don’t drive.

Do you have a rewards program?

We have a “stamp card” system! With each order, you’ll get a Chubby Fem Thrift Rewards Card with a heart sticker taped to the back. Collect five stickers on a Rewards Card, shoot us a photo (by email or DM) and you’ll receive a $10 gift card! 

How can I become a customer feature on your Instagram page?

To be a customer feature on our Instagram and Facebook page, you need to have ordered from us at least once. You’ll need to be willing to write something short about what fat positivity / body positivity / thrifting / size inclusivity / ect means to you. We will style and photograph you. If you’re interested, shoot us an email or a DM.