Our Story

We're an online plus size thrift store based in Edmonton, Alberta. 

We opened in 2020 and we are blessed to be able to say all our clothing is donated to us by our generous fat community!

We wash all our clothes; offer pickup in north Edmonton, delivery throughout the city, and worldwide shipping - so you can thrift safely from the comfort of your home.

Thanks for dropping by! 

London Blackwood


London is the heart and soul of Chubby Fem Thrift! Our store was actually born out of the need for them to find sustainable clothing options -- we're sick of the horrors of fast fashion! London is who you'll see the most of on our Instagram and newsletter. They are the fashion genius here at Chubby Fem Thrift, and also manage our TikTok account (follow us there for fashion tips, and get to know London while you're at it!) Aside from Chubby Fem Thrift, London is passionate about Fat, Black, and Queer activism and enjoys spending time in the sun with their partners and their three wiener dogs.

Spencer Blackwood


Spencer is our resident artist. They're responsible for creating our stickers, other merch, and graphics for our social media. Outside of Chubby Fem Thrift they also create queer and trans art, which you can find on their instagram and Etsy store. 

Prarie Fruit Arts

Jupiter Blackwood


Jupiter just started working at Chubby Fem Thrift full-time, but they've been a huge part of our growth since we opened in 2020. They are responsible for taking the photos of the items and packing your orders. They also enjoy woodworking; building stuff such as storage solutions for product, and even the locked wooden box we use for pickups!